How does the procedure work?

The procedure starts with a tooth shade comparison using a 3D shade Chart, we record this shade for later comparison after the treatment.

Using a pre-treatment gel to clear any surface stains and make the teeth more pourus, is the first and most important part of the treatment as this is what creates an environment  where your teeth will absorb more of the whitening gel and will react more efficeintly

After this we will then apply the patented whitening gel 
to your now pourus teeth which will start reacting with your teeth immediately. This gel does NOT contain Hydrogen Peroxide therefore it is completely safe to use and no pain or sensitivity will be felt. Our gels contain Sodium Perborate which is completely enamel safe and causes no irritation or discomfort

Once the gel has begun reacting it is now crucial to place your teeth under a blue LED 

light to advance the whitening process, the light speeds up the reaction process between your tooth pellicle and the whitening ingredients, as the pellicle layer is now very pourus from the pretreatment and reaction process is being excelled by the light, you will now be experiencing the optimum environment for your tooth shade to change and move closer to the desired S2 Shade. 

This practice is performed in a safe hygienic environment by trained professionals

After the treatment you will see at least a 10 shade difference from when you walked into our clinic, these reults are INSTANT and will last at least 3 months. After the treatment we will run through a post care consultation where we will advise you the best way to keep your new found smile lasting longer

Examples of shade difference after treatments below.